Laura Belyea

In today's workplace, you can have up to five different generations working together.  How do you adapt your organisation to engage all the generations and ensure you have high performing teams?

Generations in the Workforce.jpg 

Generations in the Workforce.jpg

Here are 5 Tips to Integrating the Generations

  1. Set up Mentoring Programs with employees from different generations.
  2. "Reverse" Mentoring where younger generations mentor older generations. This empowers the younger generation while enabling the older generation to adapt to new technologies and ways of working.
  3. Communication is imperative!  Ensuring your organisation has regular team meetings, frequent 121's, formal gatherings, corporate communications, constant feedback and coaching.
  4. Organisations need to consider stage of life when inspiring and incentivising these different generations.
  5. Create a collaborative work environment where different generations can work together on projects or teams.   This will allow them to leverage their different working styles and strengths while building a high performance culture.  

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