Laura Belyea

Millennials will shortly be dominating the workforce and the way they work is very different than previous generations.  It’s imperative for organisations to have a Millennial & Gen Z strategy to attract, engage and retain these generations.  

Here are 7 tips to ensure your organisation is Millennial & Generation Z Friendly:

  1. Company culture trumps salary & perks and must allow for the flexibility and mobility Millennials and Gen Z demand.

  2. The onboarding process needs to start before staff join and should be focused on what matters to these generations (mission & values, career & personal development) as well as designed for how they consume information.

  3. Organisations are often slow in understanding the importance of the Front Line Managers in retention. Ensure you train, development & coach them.

  4. Setting clear expectations for performance and ensure there is constant two way feedback. Millennials must feel valued and listened to within the workplace.

  5. Provide career progression through career paths, mentoring, coaching and development opportunities.

  6. With the average tenure of 2 years, it's essential that organisations have a retention strategy.  Gathering insights into why employees are leaving so you can improve those aspects of the organisation, retaining your employees and reducing the high cost of turnover.

7.  The importance of including Boomerang employees to an organisation's Talent Management Strategy.  

To download the full report on Redesigning the Workplace for Millennials please click here.

KonnectAgain is tailored to engage with Millennials. Our solution can help organisation's understand why employees are leaving, stay connected with them and re-hire high performing millennial alumni. This results in reducing recruitment cost, boosting productivity and bolstering your company's innovation pool. A combination of work practice innovation & KonnectAgain will bring top performers back into your company.

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