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My role is to successfully support the start up growth and strategy for KonnectAgain, as well as provide product support with my expertise within the HR industry. Previously I was director of HR & operations in Telefonica, Elizabeth Arden and ICON
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5 Quick Tips to be Healthier in 2018!

Laura Belyea   |     Jan 11, 2018

Why International Disabilities Day Matters!

Laura Belyea   |     Dec 03, 2017

Are You Missing Out On This Hidden Talent Pool?

Laura Belyea   |     Nov 30, 2017

What is People Analytics and Why Every Organisation Needs it!

Laura Belyea   |     Nov 19, 2017

Top HR Technology Tools

Laura Belyea   |     Nov 16, 2017

Ladder VS Lattice Career Development - Is Horizontal the New Vertical?

Laura Belyea   |     Nov 05, 2017

The Rise of The Gig Economy - Are you Ready?

Laura Belyea   |     Oct 30, 2017

"Pro in The Know" Aisling Teillard on Why Organisations Need A Feedback Culture

Laura Belyea   |     Oct 23, 2017

The Future of HR Technology - Top 5 Trends You Need To Know!

Laura Belyea   |     Oct 15, 2017

Understanding The Different Work Generations

Laura Belyea   |     Sep 24, 2017

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