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Don Belyea is a Professional Engineer who has experience running operations across Canada & the US for Global Engineering Firms. Below he outlines the benefits to employers & alumni of investing in alumni networks.

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I am a baby boomer still working and I wanted to comment on the concept of employee churn and how companies (if they adopt a strategy of an alumni culture) can actually attract good employees back, should they have a position that past employees would see as a challenge and a positive step forward in their career.

I worked for a large Global Technology Company for many years in various positions. In 2004 I departed this company on very good terms. The company managed my departure with class and left the door wide open should I ever wish to return. This is a key point and I left feeling very positive about the company.

I joined a smaller employee owned Technology Company since the challenge was very interesting.  It just happens that the company I was leaving had a strong alumni association which allowed me to stay in touch with all my former friends at the company. From this I received company news through a quarterly newsletter which contained the new contact information regarding other friends who had also departed and of course became part the alumni. Most companies at that time did not have a strong alumni culture and still do not.

Without going into details as to why I left, I stayed with this new company until 2008. At that time a new position opened up in my former company and I was contacted; and to make a long story short I was back with my previous company within three weeks.

I required very little re-training and returning was a bit like going home since I knew most of the employees and management team. I was up and running in my new position very quickly. 

Since 2008, I have seen many employees return to join engineering teams on major projects. They required very little re-training and were producing results in a short time. They all felt like they were returning to a very familiar environment among friends. 

This returning of former employees is still ongoing, and I am still working!



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