Connecting the Dots...Why I Started KonnectAgain!

Jayne Ronayne   |     Jul 10, 2015

Why networking is key in bringing alumni relations into the 21st century

konnectagain   |     Oct 03, 2014

Our new Chief Marketing Officer Tommy on why he joined KonnectAgain

konnectagain   |     Jul 01, 2014

Our San Fran experience so far....

konnectagain   |     Jun 26, 2014

What we've been up to for the last few weeks

konnectagain   |     Jun 24, 2014

How Ignite100 helped us gain global exposure

konnectagain   |     Apr 15, 2014

Female entrepreneurs, 'The Summit' and what we really thought!

konnectagain   |     Nov 05, 2013

Introducing KonnectAgain!

konnectagain   |     Aug 19, 2013

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