Why you should be aware of Boomerangs!

Jayne Ronayne   |     Jan 11, 2016

How to Meet George Clooney (and other networking tips from Chris Yeh)

Liza Bennigson   |     Oct 15, 2015

Why I Give (or don't give) Back

Jayne Ronayne   |     Oct 05, 2015

33 and Counting: PwC's Corporate Alumni Network

Liza Bennigson   |     Sep 28, 2015

Don't Say Goodbye to Great Talent

Jayne Ronayne   |     Sep 08, 2015

KonnectAgain team is further expanding!Welcome to the team Joe!

Jayne Ronayne   |     Aug 20, 2015

What differentiates the best from the rest in alumni relations

konnectagain   |     Aug 13, 2014

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